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Labbaik Hajj Packages 2018 admittedly crafted, in order to serve Muslims of the Great Britain

Labbaik Allah ‘Huma Labbaik…

After successfully serving the Muslim community of the UK by providing them great Umrah services, we are pleased to offer you our Hajj packages for 2018. Our Cheap Hajj packages 2018 are designed by a team of experienced and dedicated travel agents.

We are proud to serve:

Labbaik Hajj Umrah has a collection of Hajj deals to offer this year for the Muslims of the UK: Shifting or Non-shifting Packages 2018, with 3 star, 4 Star or 5 Star luxury hotels.

Shifting Hajj Packages

In shifting hajj packages you have to stay for 5 to 6 days in aziziya apartments which is little far away from haram. Although shifting packages are really cheaper than non-shifting packages. Our shifting hajj packages are based on 4 people sharing with 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels, its all depend on your budget. We can also arrange 2 or 3 people sharing room for you.

Non Shifting Hajj Packages

In Non-shifting hajj packages you don’t need to stay in aziziya apartments you will spend your all days in makkah and medina hotels except hajj days. We are offering 3 star, 4 star and 5 star non shifting hajj packages 2018 which are based on 4 people sharing room. We can also arrange 2 or 3 people sharing individual rooms for families. The best and cheap hajj packages 2018 in UK market is 21 days non shiting hajj package available by Labbaik Hajj Umrah.

It’s never too late:

Labbaik Hajj packages 2018 are exciting and secure, include a wide range of hotels. We suggest you book in advance to avoid cancellations. As every year a large number of Muslims travel Makkah (Saudi Arabia) to perform Hajj and it will not be different in Hajj 2018. So it is very important to book as early as possible.

You already know that. Right?

IF NOT! Watch this video to know the “Hajj instant step by step Guide” in just 1:30 Sec.

This Basic Guide of “How to perform Hajj” will explain all the dates and rituals you will
perform in different places. Here is the Deal:

Few FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) of Hajj 2018.

Where is Hajj Performed?

Hajj, annual Islamic pilgrimage that is obligatory on every able Muslim, starts and ends in the Holy city of Makkah Located in today’s Saudi Arabia.

How long does the Hajj take to complete?

In the Islamic calendar, Hajj begins on the eighth day of Dhu al-Hijjah and ends on the 13th day of Dhu al-Hijjah. However, the religious rituals can be completed in 5-day pilgrimage.

What do you require for Hajj?

Muslims traveling towards Makkah for the sake of Hajj 2018.

Must have valid passport 6 months prior to your departure.
The one who has expired documents or about to be expired. Apply for renewal ASAP.
Pilgrims with invalid passports will face the rejection in order to delay or having an invalid passport.

Check Yellow fever Certificate requirements.

Check whether you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s TravelHealthPro Website.

UK Emergency travel Documents

UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) are not valid for entry in Saudi Arabia. However, ETDs are accepted for exit from Saudi Arabia.

Previous Travel to Israel.

You may be refused entry to Saudi Arabia if your passport contains evidence of previous travel to Israel or indicates Israel your birthplace.

Two passport sized Photographs of each person.
One application form, completed and signed by the applicant.
Visa applications should be dealt with only through a Hajj & Umrah Visa Services Agents.
Notably, Children aged one year and over, travelling on a parent’s passport must have their photograph affixed to the passport and endorsed by the authority concerned. Their Photograph also affixed to the application form.
All females should be accompanied by a Mahram, the husband, father, uncle, adult son, brother or nephew. The accompanying Mahram must be at least 17 years old.
All non-UK passport holders must have permanent residency in the UK.


All the credentials mentioned above are compulsory, must be provided. Missing one document could lead to rejection.
No doubt, Hajj is the way to acquire the blessings of Allah (SWT), but also a journey towards a new life.
Due to the exceeding numbers of pilgrims every year, Hajj ministry policies took slight changes. So as the Labbaik Hajj Umrah experts acknowledge the circumstances and perform likely to avoid issues.
We have developed the simple process of your bookings, easy payment methods that secure your package and assures your travel.

Be the first in line:

Follow instructions from one of our representatives and reserve your place in advance. All pilgrims should have Valid Passports 6 months prior to your departure, meningitis certificate (ACWY) and proper Nia’h to perform Hajj rituals.
For disabled people, put special requests while discussing your package. Wheelchairs can be arranged but are subject to availability, or you can have it from Makkah.
You will be guided on “how to perform hajj” 2018.
Just contact us and you could be the first to say Labbaik.
Hajj Packages 2018 are based on 4 people sharing. Although 2 people sharing and 3 people sharing are also available.

Flights to be asked. Will be added to your package.

Why Choose Us

    • 24/7 Customer Support.

    • 5 Years of Excellence.

    • ATOL & IATA protected.

    • 300+ Certified Hotels in Makkah & Medinah.

    • Easy Booking Procedure.

    • Best lowest Fares Available.

  • Secure mode of payment.

What We Offer

    • Airline ticket

    • Hotel in Makkah

    • Hotel in Medinah

    • Ziarat (both holy cities)

    • Full round trip

    • Air-conditioned transportation

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